Monday, February 22, 2010

outdoor retailer winter 2010 trend report

From tiny happy bunny

i recently travelled to outdoor retailer. it was kind of amazing to apply online to get a media badge, buy a plane ticket last minute and hop a plane to go take pictures. it was also really fun. along with seeing some friendly faces from the northwest (brooks, eddie bauer, and REI peeps) i met a lot of amazing people at the show.

i decided to put together a small trend report of what i saw, and of course i'm selling the photos from the show as a set for design inspiration.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

fall flapper glam on polyvore

From tiny happy bunny
i stumbled upon polyvore, i think... on someone's blog. having made mood and inspiration boards for years, it was downright life changing to see this online tool for anyone to make one (if you've ever cut yourself mortally with an exacto, or had to take a minute after huffing spray glue, you too will love polyvore). what's especially cool are the people who have amazing talent with pulling shapes, color and trends together on there. i always like finding new places for inspiration... can't wait to explore it more...

on the lookout...

From tiny happy bunny
i've been keeping my eyes peeled for a great new fall bag. i literally feel like i've looked at everything. if i could make something, it'd look like this, and be a soft, saddle brown, washed leather. could someone make it for me ?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

kuler is cool

From tiny happy bunny

so the last few times i've worked in illustrator and i've been searching for that... one... color... i just can't get right, this is my newest tool. adobe allows you to go to the web, download palettes, make palettes for others to use, and just generally play around with color mixing. i like when work becomes play.

*that one's called 'avoidance'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tweet II

another background for twitter, just playing around with transparency... my new favourite tool.
From tiny happy bunny

Monday, July 20, 2009

illustration junkie

i have a fashion illustration addiction. i love that there are some very iconic fashion illustration artists, some, you see daily. you might recognize the illustration style, but have no idea of the artist's name. these are a few i've discovered over the years and have come to love.

nordstrom uses ruben toledo in much of their marketing collateral. does this look familiar ? the latest anniversary book has his black and white illustrations on the cover.

he's done a lot of illustrations over the years for nordstrom, and now they're framed and hung in the hallways of the corporate offices.

or what about these... mats gustafson uses simple watercolor silhouettes to render amazing feminine shapes. the first pale aqua used by tiffany&co. you can find more of mats work here.

italian artist simone legno is inpired by all things japanese, including the name he designs under 'tokidoki' which means 'sometimes'. his illustrations have become so sought after, he's started his own company selling products covered in his whimsical scenes. the toki-doki website carries amazing creations of everything from toys to cell phone covers to baby clothing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

twitter page

the inspiration came when looking for a new twitter background. i like some of them, but wanted my own colors... good thing i can draw. if you don't, you can find one here...