Monday, November 3, 2008

here's a better one

i posted a color site previously, and... it really is no longer functional. this one was sent to me by my friend p. and it is truly awesome. i love the articles they post... especially about color trends on etsy. rad. talk about grass roots inspiration. one could spend hours.

love the color.

many hours of my time recently

so, i was a part of a big project at work. was asked to do all of the fashion illustrations for a presentation given to... uhm, a local professional sports team. i don't know, i never know if i should talk about what i do or not. this blog is more just a place for the artwork, and my evolution in work. i've been hard at work on lots of stuff... here's some of it. i know you can't really tell, but each person really is wearing something different. the people (and their pants) are repeated, but all the tops are different.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

another bag

been diligently working on fall09. here's a bag that i finished drawing today. the strap kind of worked me over, not super excited about the result, but must move on. more fall to do !

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fall'09 handbag

so the design is NOT mine... but the sketch is... and then i recolored a stripe and stuck it in there. it's a work in progress, i'll update as it goes through changes.

Monday, August 25, 2008

the small things

today i was drawing a bag. some of my favourite things to draw are the small hardware bits. i don't get uber detailed, but like the outlines. here's one.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the power of drawing

this isn't the best photo (but it was taken with my completely rad iphone). my point was to give you a picture (already !) of my totally cool wallet that i drew. turnaround was quick... and it'll be in stores sp'09. plus, you get to see my bunny with tentacles !

Sunday, July 13, 2008

tara's bag

so this was a freelance job to make a bag for this girl's custom portfolio that she binded herself. the portfolio is really cool, and very... distinct. it's covered in the fabric that i used on the bottom of the bag, and you can't see it, but the bag is lined in this very bright green fabric. which all matches back to her business cards. hope she likes the bag. she's been so patient !

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

you love wallets

another wallet. after yesterday's dissection, and the resulting husband wallet study. i have decided i like this one better. you might see it in a store next summer.

if you were looking for a wallet.

Monday, July 7, 2008

what's in your wallet ?

i've never really noticed men's wallets before. or what they put in them. every once in a while, i go hunting for my husband's, but it's usually because i need to buy something boring online, and it needs to go on his card.

having had the chance recently to question my male coworkers about their billfolds... i've determined it's as varied as women and their handbags. i'm almost wondering that men aren't MORE picky than women, and concerned about odd non-functioning minutiae.

here's a wallet technical sketch i just did. i'm going to take it home and try out a snazzier drawing style. right after i finish that portfolio bag i'm working on. stay tuned for pics of that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


i shouldn't paint. but sometimes i do. these little birdies were in the opening credits of down with love. i wanted to turn them into a wedding card. i threw in the rough just to show you how weak i am. also, there's better detail on the blob that is the tree... but ? you get the idea.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

the secret garden

i'm a handy girl to have around. button sewn on ? done. matching khakis ? easy peasy. floral arrangements ? no problem. this was a recent submittal for acceptance into the best friend's wedding florist position. although i don't think either of us want me for the job, it was fun to work with so many ideas, and such a pretty medium. and as you can see... i love color. (and flowers)

my best friend's wedding

my best friend is getting married. love that. love love. love jewelry. love making it. a small token that i can contribute on her big day.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the small stakes

jason munn is seriously talented. and i love his simple style. here's an example of his work, he does limited edition concert posters, and now tee screens for patagonia. his ability to make things into hearts, love that ! i think i might have to pick one of his tees up... the idea of wearing his art (after looking at it for probably close to 7 years) excites me !

tee screen in progress

something i've been working on, it's evolved a bit. i also don't see it as done, i want a couple of flowers in there, and another possible pattern. we'll see where it goes.

Monday, April 21, 2008

if you love color, like i love color

i came across this today. kind of a cool idea, and there are definitely some palettes worth exploring. daily color

also found some great tutorials for AI, check back, i'll be hard at work....

Monday, April 7, 2008

young men's - saturation point - spring 09

the second outfit from this project, the idea was a deeply saturated/elements of nature aspect. i was surprised by how many shades of green i found and also how men's is using floral elements on just about any article of clothing.

young men's - graphic distinction - spring 09

recently i had the opportunity to interview with a great local company. the project they assigned as part of the interview process was so much fun, i'm sometimes still surprised when it constitutes as work. after a day of shopping, a day of pulling tears, and then a day of sketching ideas (i still had my day job), i had it narrowed down to what i wanted to do. the focus was 2 groups, each with a different feel, and an outfit for each. here are technical sketches for the outfits. although i later found out i was overqualified for the position, i'm still glad for the opportunity. you can see from the golf project to this, my AI skill has progressed. each panel of the shorts has a directional plaid, and i placed bias plaid in the pocket welt.

the theme for this group was an expanded black and white take. when i get to it, i'll add in the trend board.


this project was completed when contemplating local design opportunities. i decided to test the waters of what i knew in illustrator, and also the idea of working on something in women's. something i hadn't done since school. this is a very basic project, but gave me valuable knowledge with the clipping mask tool.

ballard artwork

created for the good people at annie's affordable art, it was a small project, but one that gives immense satisfaction when seen emblazoned across the front of fellow ballardians.


of course i've meant to do this for ages... and now that i have the time, it's perfect to get it up and going. i know scads of people who use blogspot as a sounding board for the things they're working on, and what a great tool to give to people who want to see your work.

it'll take a bit to get it going, but i'm excited by the prospect of a new medium, and new connections.

thanks for taking a look, and check back. i'm just getting started.