Wednesday, May 27, 2009

don't be craby

in my house, i can usually send an email to my husband and get a faster response than if i go hunt him down (see: not big house, just in opposite corners, both on computers). this was something i sent when i'd been crabby. so crabby apparently, i couldn't spell. i just found it on my desktop and thought it was cute... sweet.

no freakin way !!!!

a few months ago... probably around 3, i was watching heroes. my husband is a fan, i tend to read or peruse a mag while he watches. at the time i was paying attention. there were a couple of men, in charge of a baby... and they had a baby bag. i went insane. i jumped up. 'look at that bag !'. 'i have to have that bag!'. i got online for a few weeks and looked, searched and googled. nothing. as you might know, i do freelance design projects for kids, and i spend a portion of every day looking at baby stuff (i don't have kids, it might be odd). anyway, i was doing some random search for a diaper bag i came across (i took a picture of it with my phone, and was trying to figure out what it was) and had just found it on this really cool site. it IS a cool diaper bag (if something like that CAN be cool). and then i found this. randomly. serendipitously. FINALLY. i'm so excited i'm going to buy it right now. not even invoking the 3 day rule. you could buy it too... here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

kid's inspiration

i decided to do a small inspiration color board, i've seen so much bold baby stuff lately, and it's so inspiring ! i'm glad it's not all the usual pink-girl, blue-boy... that stuff is cute, but as a parent i can't imagine carrying around something so... kiddie. fun, sophisticated and gender specific (if you HAVE to have it) can coexist. i'm glad they caught on. my favourites are... jj cole, boden, and anorak

Friday, May 8, 2009

owls !

colored up a few different ways...only two more to do ! these are quick and fun. instant gratification.

birds !

this is a continuation on a theme... i've always loved these birds. they're from an opening squence to 'down with love'. i've used the idea several times, this will be part of a series to hang in my house.