Wednesday, April 8, 2009

little girl legs

i remember as a little girl loving tights. and dresses. i went through a very girly phase. these would have been right up my alley. actually they probably still would be. i can't wait to see little girls rocking these...

little feet

i've had the very fun experience of working for a local company dedicated to keeping the legs of babies everywhere cozy. these have been pretty fun to work on (mostly for the creativity), and i learned so many illustrator shortcuts, i'm a whiz. just ask me how to snap that line to grid, move it to the front, group it, ungroup it... oh, you get the point.

Friday, April 3, 2009

holiday mens

holiday seems like such a blur now. i counted at one point, and we'd created over a 100 styles. that seemed like a lot. especially when other people felt overwhelmed with 30. in one category. i loved working in accessories for the diversity. if you got sick of socks, you could always work on scarves for a day. want to learn about leather ? tackle belt design. it was a fun job.

i'm lucky to have had fun jobs.

i took economics in college. i used to fall asleep.

it goes without saying that things aren't the best that they've ever been. but i have this persistent optimism, maybe it's the new guy in charge, the onset of spring (somewhere), maybe it's the right things happening along just when i need them... for some reason, i just can't get down. this has been a challenging year for me, both professionally and as a human. i love learning new things, i love meeting new people... and i love new projects that take me new directions. even when it's not necessarily by choice.

plus, who doesn't love a good excuse to buy a book. here's to an '09 on an upswing.