Monday, November 3, 2008

here's a better one

i posted a color site previously, and... it really is no longer functional. this one was sent to me by my friend p. and it is truly awesome. i love the articles they post... especially about color trends on etsy. rad. talk about grass roots inspiration. one could spend hours.

love the color.

many hours of my time recently

so, i was a part of a big project at work. was asked to do all of the fashion illustrations for a presentation given to... uhm, a local professional sports team. i don't know, i never know if i should talk about what i do or not. this blog is more just a place for the artwork, and my evolution in work. i've been hard at work on lots of stuff... here's some of it. i know you can't really tell, but each person really is wearing something different. the people (and their pants) are repeated, but all the tops are different.