Thursday, June 19, 2008


i shouldn't paint. but sometimes i do. these little birdies were in the opening credits of down with love. i wanted to turn them into a wedding card. i threw in the rough just to show you how weak i am. also, there's better detail on the blob that is the tree... but ? you get the idea.


The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

They look like partridges! and you know - my MOM always says: when we say we can't do something - it is easier to self-fulfill the prophecy ! so yes - you can paint! and i like it. it's breakfast time in nyc.. you guys should come visit!!! school is hard but awesome! -kdubya

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

should paint! ( but HOLD OFF on all that saturated color ( e.g., Chroma!)..

there's something in Munsell about that.. now where is that thousand page hunk of volumes.. - kw