Wednesday, May 27, 2009

no freakin way !!!!

a few months ago... probably around 3, i was watching heroes. my husband is a fan, i tend to read or peruse a mag while he watches. at the time i was paying attention. there were a couple of men, in charge of a baby... and they had a baby bag. i went insane. i jumped up. 'look at that bag !'. 'i have to have that bag!'. i got online for a few weeks and looked, searched and googled. nothing. as you might know, i do freelance design projects for kids, and i spend a portion of every day looking at baby stuff (i don't have kids, it might be odd). anyway, i was doing some random search for a diaper bag i came across (i took a picture of it with my phone, and was trying to figure out what it was) and had just found it on this really cool site. it IS a cool diaper bag (if something like that CAN be cool). and then i found this. randomly. serendipitously. FINALLY. i'm so excited i'm going to buy it right now. not even invoking the 3 day rule. you could buy it too... here.

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